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JJ Macalino Team

Highly experienced

Expert knowledge and highly experienced in both private treaty and auction campaign. Accumulated large amount of active cash buyers from auction.

Results that count

High success rate – list to sell ratio – 95%

Unique database

Extensive and unique database. Extended reach of buyers via social media platform, Wechat Chinese contact and established clients.

We are focused on delivering maximum results and exceptional customer service

Our aim is to make this experience as stress-free as it can possibly be. Doing that comes back to our ability to be efficient, communicate well, be completely honest with you and ensure that there are absolutely no high-pressure tactics.
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August 07, 2020

This is the thing that cuts through the clutter to capture the buyer’s attention. The Hero Shot needs to be as attention-grabbing as possible. This is where communication with your photographer is key. Make a file; show your [...]

No Interview = No Information = Thousands $$$$$ Lost
August 06, 2020
No Interview = No Information = Thousands $$$$$ Lost

SOME VENDORS hit the phones to conduct a quasi interview with as many agents as possible, in an attempt to short list 2 or 3 potential agencies.  The aim of this process is simple - to see which of the agencies are flexible on their fees. [...]

What The TV Lifestyle Shows Don’t Tell You About De-cluttering And Styling
July 30, 2020
What The TV Lifestyle Shows Don’t Tell You About De-cluttering And Styling

It’s exciting to think how much the buying public will be prepared to pay for your property isn’t it? After all, you’ve seen other properties in your neighbourhood sell for record prices. You’ve read the media reports [...]