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4 Mistakes Every Home Seller Should Avoid

4 Mistakes Every Home Seller Should Avoid

4 Mistakes Every Home Seller Should Avoid

4 Mistakes Every Home Seller Should Avoid If You’re Looking at Selling


  1. Setting an unrealistic price

By advertising the property with an unrealistic price, sellers are pushing away buyers from even engaging and inspecting the property both online and physically. The price a seller wishes to achieve may be different from what the market is prepared to pay and through genuine market feedback and detailed comparative market analysis a home seller can make an informed decision to identify where the value of their property is in today’s market.

  1. Ignoring major repairs and making costly renovations

We all want to save money however not fixing any repairs to the property before selling can cause more dollars & stress later down the track. Many sellers also consider making renovations or improvements to increase their home’s value. Renovations can be costly, and you won’t always recover the cost in the purchase price. Furthermore, some buyers prefer to make their own renovations to personalize the space. Be sure to carefully consider any renovations if your goal is to add to the home’s value.

  1. Not preparing your home for sale

If you are looking at maximizing the sale price of your property, Preparation is a big part of achieving the best price. By setting the stage for the buyers we create an environment for buyers to fall in love with your home. Cleaning, De-Cluttering and also considering home staging all adds value to the final result.

  1. Choose the wrong agent or the wrong way to sell

To help ensure a smooth selling journey take time to interview different real estate agents and understand their selling process and proposal to achieve the best outcome for your situation. Check their past clients reviews, sales track record and make sure they have plenty of experience selling in your particular area and price point. Usually the cheapest agent is not the best agent.

If you are thinking of selling now or later down the track we’d love the opportunity to meet with you. Feel free to contact us anytime on 0405 223 269 we’d love to hear from you.