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5 Tips to consider when choosing your real estate agent

5 Tips to consider when choosing your real estate agent

5 Tips to consider when choosing your real estate agent
  1. Do your Research

    There are plenty of real estate agents out there working under different agencies however not all are the same. By doing your own research you will find which agent is best to represent you and your property. Take note of the location and kind of property they are selling, if its comparable to yours?  consider if the price bracket they work in is suitable to your targeted buyers and understand if their preferred selling method suits your situation.
  1. Go see for yourself

There is nothing better than seeing the potential agents in action. Take time to come at any of their open homes and observe how they operate and handle the process of selling. Experience firsthand what your potential buyers would expect when they visit your property when its your time to sell.

  1. Read the reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to get feedback about your potential agent. Third party websites like shows reviews from sellers that have engaged the services of particular real estate agents. has also included reviews on agent profiles which will assist you in making an informed decision.


  1. You get what you pay for

Selling a property is not cheap but it can also cost a lot if not handled carefully. There’s upfront advertising, building & pest inspection, home preparation such as repairs and home staging then there’s the commission payable on settlement. Sellers tend to cut corners by choosing the cheapest advertising and lowest commission thinking they will end more in their pocket. Remember the best agent is not the cheapest agent and the best agent will have the skills to maximize price and minimize risk.


  1. Check the Chemistry

Once you’ve narrowed down your top 3 potential real estate agents you can now invite them for an interview. Understanding the sales process and proposal is important but what’s more important is how you feel around the agent. Do you feel comfortable enough that buyers will feel easy making a decision on buying your property? Do you trust they will work in your best interest and give you honest feedback? At the end of the day working with your real estate agent is like a partnership for a 90 days exclusive so you better make sure you got the chemistry together.