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Your A-Z Selling Guide

Your A-Z Selling Guide

Your A-Z Selling Guide

If you’re looking at selling now or in the near future here is a complete A – Z Guide for you !

A – Appraisal – How much is my property worth? Getting an Appraisal is the first step when selling your property

B – Building & Pest Inspection – We recommend getting a building & pest inspection prior to any buyers going through the property to ensure that any issues can be sorted out straight away

C – Conveyancing - the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land to the new owner, whether it be a from a person or entity. Engaging a conveyancing solicitor will help make the whole process easier.

D – Date of Settlement - it is the day on which under the terms of the contract the vendor is required to transfer his or her estate or interest in property to the purchaser. 30 Days from Date of Contract is the most common time frame used by buyers and sellers.

E – Exclusive Listing - An agreement that entitles one agent only to sell the property normally for a duration of 90 days

F – Follow Up – Your Agent will follow up all the buyers that inspected your property to give you feedback, level of interest, price indications and offers

G – Goals – Maximize Price &  Minimize risk in the shortest possible time

H – Holding Deposit - An amount given by a buyer to the estate agent acting for the seller. It shows the buyer’s serious commitment to the property. Anywhere between 5 – 10 % of the purchase price is a reasonable amount for the deposit

I – Improvements –There may be improvements that can be done to maximize the sale price for your property

J – JJ Macalino Team – Your Real Estate Agent achieving maximum results – Call today for an Appraisal 😊

K – Keys – Ensure all your keys are ready for handover on settlement

L – Legal Requirements – Coordinate with your conveyancing solicitor to complete all legal requirements

M – Marketing – You cannot sell a secret! Investing in marketing puts your property Infront of all the buyers increasing the chance of getting a better price

N – Negotiations – Not only the price is negotiated but the terms and conditions to suit both parties

O – Open for Inspection – Usually on Saturday or mid-week the properties on the market are open for 30 minutes

P – Presentation – first impressions create emotional connection – giving your property the best possible presentation is a must!

Q – Qualified Buyers – Financially, Emotionally and Mentally the buyers need to be qualified!

R – Reserve Price - The minimum price at which the owner of a property is prepared to sell a property at auction.

S – Staging – Professional property styling helps getting the best price and reduces days on the market   

T – Title - The ownership of property, or the documents constituting the evidence of such ownership.

U – Utilities – If the property is vacant ensure that your utilities are still connected for the open inspections

V – Valuation - A written assessment of how much a property is worth, by a registered valuer.

W – Wear and Tear - The depreciation of an asset due to ordinary usage.

X – Xperience – Selling can be a stressful process so we aim to make this as stress-free as possible for you

Y – You – Our client the seller we work together as a team

Z – Zoning – Know the potential and restrictions in your particular zoning