Sales Process

Sales Process

What is the process?

What are your plans?

Whether you’re looking to sell, renovate or require an updated valuation please get in contact with JJ for friendly and professional advice. From there if you wish to take the next steps we set up of presale meeting.

Pre-Sale Meeting

JJ gets to know you and you get to know JJ. Our team will use our local knowledge and coupled with precise research to determine a distinctive price bracket that your property currently sits in. JJ will also discuss current market trends, local developments on how this will further determine the value of your property.

Campaign Design & Strategy

Not every property is the same. The sales strategy will be tailored to target buyers seeking a property like yours. Once our target market is determined, our advertising & marketing team will produce a campaign designed to achieve the best possible result.

Preparing For Market

Get it right the first time. First impressions count. Ensure you have the property looking its best for the photography. Give the home a minor face lift, de-clutter, clean it, spruce up the gardens and minimise the space to buyers can see themselves living in the home. We can discuss the best approach and futhermore if home staging is needed, we can send in the experts.

We Go Live

Marketing team gets to work. Any styling, photography, video, copy-writing, internet, signboards, brochures & media activities will commence. Now your property is introduced to the market.

Working In The Field 

We begin selling. JJ and the team will be showcasing your property week to week via private viewings, open homes, letterbox dropping, database calling, SMS and email buyer blasts and via social media. 

Feedback & Interest

JJ and the team provide you with all the buyer feedback and potential interest on the property. This is the crucial part of the campaign where we follow up buyers, provide feedback, negotiate offers and present contracts. This is the most important stage of the campaign where decisions are made.

Signed Contract

Offer accepted & deposit paid. Buyer and seller have mutually agreed on a desired outcome. Documentation will be emailed to all parties including solicitors and banks. Followed by confirmation of finance and building and pest contract terms, leading to the unconditional date and pending settlement.

Settlement Day

The campaign comes to a close. We hand over the property to the new owners and a big congratulations to our sellers.