Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

Do you have a strategy?

Method of Sale

In the same way every home is unique, so is the market in which they exist. The method of sale can often be the difference between buyers being interested in pursuing the property and not considering the home. Due to this, it is important to understand the sale method that buyers are the most comfortable within the market to promote maximum interest in the property.


Where, how and when your property appears in the market place is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling your property. Effective and extensive marketing across multiple media platforms throughout a sales campaign can often lead to increased buyer interest and higher sale prices overall, with properties marketed poorly often remaining on the market for long and selling for less.


An effective pricing strategy can often lead to higher buyer enquiry and increased property interest overall from buyers within the market. It is important to price a property both attainably and competitively to promote interest 

Target Market

The importance of knowing a suburb’s target market is second to none when it comes to the investment of a seller’s marketing resources in the correct advertising. It can be the difference between reaching your ideal buyer and wasting important marketing opportunities. 


Easily the most important strategy when it comes to the sale of your property, an effective negotiation strategy more often than not can be the difference between achieving your ‘dream price’ and an ‘average price’.